Monday, October 31, 2016

Baldwin's with Jax!

Yesterday afternoon I picked up my man, Jackson, and off we went to Baldwin's Book Barn. He got to hang out with Steve Burns on the ride there - they totally bonded, by the way - he ate tons of Pez from his Star Wars Death Star Pez dispenser, plus honey crisp apples and yum yum cashews. Then we arrived and wandered around for a while, til it was time to "ske-daddle" as Jackson said. He picked up a book, a little yellow book, just his size and decided it was his favourite and he really, really wanted it. So I got it and we're gonna leave it in Roark so whenever Jackson goes for a ride with me he will have a book to read. See below for the title.

The highlight for me was when Jax got up from a rocking chair on the 4th floor and was slightly perplexed that it was still moving. I convinced him it was a ghost and when he discovered another rocker on another floor that did the same thing he said, "Aunt Lisa, it's totally haunted." Then he had me in stitches when he snuck slowly around a book case and whispered, "my precious" like he was Gollum. Oh my lord, it was so freakin' cute I couldn't help but bust out laughing. After Baldwin's we hit Panera for grub and chit chat and then sadly, I had to drop him off back home. I'm already checking my calendar to see when we can hang out again. He's so easy-breezy and fun to be with that it doesn't feel like a chore to take care of him for the day. It's like hanging out with a super dooper close pal.

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