Sunday, October 9, 2016

From Mama Aurelia's Closet

Bishop's mother passed away last month, somewhat suddenly. I was secretly hoping that he would give me something of her's but was way too shy to ask. I'm a sentimental gal and my home is packed to the gills with objects from loved ones past and present - my father's adding machine, Mark's egg paperweight, Donna's 31 bag, and Joy's pillow, to name a few. After many, many Sundays spent apart, I finally got to catch up with Bishop and Pax and champ that he is, Bishop had set aside a few things for me that belonged to his mother. She and I, although we never had the pleasure of meeting in person, shared a love of Downton Abbey and Bette Davis. Knowing this, Bish gave me some DVDs (thanks, Ms. Aurelia! Now my Downton set is complete!), a lovely faux leather bag that is gorgeous (and cruelty free!) and a sweet lil' Coach wallet that included my inheritance of seventy cents, which I spent on a groovy purple Mead notebook. I'm so unbelievably sad to know that Bishop's mother is gone forever, but I am very happy that I have just a small piece of her all to myself. From everything I've heard, she was one incredible lady who told it like it was and raised one of the finest men on the planet. Cheers to you, miss.

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