Tuesday, December 2, 2014

What do you like best...

...about your body? I posed this question to myself and the females in my life. Refreshingly, most did not respond with negative comments first. Almost everyone came to their conclusion super fast and some even had a hard time choosing and gave me a top two or sometimes even four. Here are the ladies and their responses:

-Moi! (age 38 - photo by Ashlee in Antwerp)
What I like best about my body is that it gets me where I wanna go!
-Bella (age 15 - photo taken in Abington by me)
Um this shouldnt be a hard questions but it is alittle. I would say my blue eyes
-Nicole (age 22 - photo taken in Baltimore by me)
ummmmm my nose honestly
-Kristin (age 33 - photo taken by Lydia Hudgens in Brooklyn)
My shoulders and my legs
-Kat (age 30 - photo taken by me in Wilmington)
My legs. Their strength, how they look, how far they can take me.
-Lauryn (age 33 - photo taken by me at Grounds for Sculpture)
I like my smile and the sound of my laugh
-Ashlee (age 21 - photo taken by me in Philadelphia)
My nose...it's little and cute ahaha
-Sydney (age 14 - self portrait)
I think either my eyes or hair
-Rose (age 62 - photo taken by me in Philadelphia)  
My hands. They used to be. They're looking a little old but I've always been proud of them.
-Kayla (age 14 - photo taken by me in Philadelphia)
Physically? My torso to my thighs. Bc i have some figues i guess you could say, and my thighs are chunky and chubby. But i dont care, and i like them. Bc i see other girls die to be these sticks with no figure, but i dont think i could be that even if i tried. But i dont mind bc i think chunky thighs and curvy torsos are great.
-Mary (age 34 - photo taken by Allison Gallagher)
If I had to choose i would say my hair and eyes
-Terri (age 50 - photo taken by me)
Ok hmmm the answer is my calves or my waist I guess. Waist first
-Irma (age 93 - photo taken by Allison Gallagher)
My hair, maybe. Right now I hate my body. (followed by a light chuckle)
-Marina (age 30 - photo taken by me in Trenton)
Hmm eyes smile butt and feet lol

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