Thursday, December 25, 2014

A Spinster's Christmas

I guess it was a few years back that my family, at my behest, decided to stop exchanging gifts. It seemed so pointless; we're all adults with credit card debt and a mortgage and bills to pay. It seemed foolish to spend 100 bucks on a gift card and give it to someone who in exchange will give you a gift card for the same amount. I thought getting us all together and going out to dinner - going Dutch - would be way better. No kids, no spouses, just the original gang.

Then I got to thinkin' and I kinda wished I had something to open and someone to buy gifties for, so I said, "eff it." I bought a bunch of goodies for me, wrapped them (like a sad little lunatic), and tore them open all by myself Christmas morning. Ya know what, I always get what I want, and most times, I've bought the stuff so in advance that I've completely forgotten what's in store for me and am pleasantly surprised. This year I scored big time.

(i should note that all of my grown up friends find this odd little seasonal practice of mine to be really sad, bizarre, and borderline pathetic, whereas all the kids in my life are like, "i am SO doing that when i grow up." i think we all know that being considered hip by the 10-22 year old demographic is the mark of true greatness. so there. take that all you tired, old, married, haggard 30-55 year old friends. i'm way cooler than you will ever dream of being. just ask the kids.) 

Post Script: Lookee what I gots!!

Books and zines, stickers, gloves, a scarf, fun socks!, an M83 cd, lil' journals, The Black Apple postcards, movies and tv shows galore!, a 2015 calendar of pin up girls, candy, limited edition Republic of Tea Downton Abbey Christmas Tea to go with my marathon of Downton seasons 1-4! and a wee lil' coin purse that announces to the world that I am the Chief Financial Officer (of rainbows, it seems, and I'm okay with that.) - I went kinda bananas this year, but I'm so glad I did!!

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Cerpts said...

Not ALL your friends think that's bizarre! And not ONLY kids think you're way cool. Of course, being mentally 11 years old myself . . .