Monday, December 15, 2014

Live on the Sunset Strip

Bishop told me a couple weeks back about when he saw this Richard Pryor stand-up in the theatre. He said it was dark, really dark at times, but absolutely hilarious. Today I took a work-at-home day since I'm feeling yucky. My recipe for self healing is lots of water, tea, soup, vitamin C, ibuprofen and most of all, laughter. I fired up this special and god damn, Bishop don't lie. It was incredible. Richard Pryor was hysterically funny and then deep and maudlin. He was so full of truth and completely open about himself, his feelings and thoughts. He was crass and then in the next moment he was eloquent. It was without question a totally astoundingly beautiful performance. I feel better already, so thanks for that, Rich. xoxo

(photo kidnapped from allmovie)

(post script!! i also watched/listened to Maria Bamford's Special Special Special and oh my goodness - so funny! she is super dooper wacky and very silly but totally original. really liked her a lot.)

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