Wednesday, July 26, 2017

My Duckies

I like animals but having never grown up with pets, I don't really feel terribly comfortable around them. This is most likely the reason why most animals don't care much for me. If I'm at a friends house, their dogs ignore me and their cats hiss or attack me. It really sucks, actually. Recently though I discovered that the ducks at my complex seem to like me. If I park Roark, get out and walk to the boot, the ducks will, en masse, waddle towards me. Then they sort of just hang out, no closer than a foot away, and just stand there with me. I'm so tempted to touch one, but think it's best just to chat with them, give a few of my quack calls and head inside. Seriously though, it really leaves me all warm and fuzzy when they dash over to greet me. 

 (the top pic was from last night and the one above is from last week - i just love them all so stinkin' much!!)

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