Friday, July 14, 2017


Growing older is cake; the tough part is being able to let go of all those expectations, either put upon you by society or yourself. As a child I thought I would have an entirely different life than the one I have. Not being what one expected to become can be soul crushing; you feel like a failure.

I recently read something that Debra Winger said about aging and found it to be really kind of profound. Every birthday give away a mirror. When you get to a certain age, you [just] have the little one above your bathroom sink to make sure you don't have anything green in your teeth. The emphasis on the outside is tiring for a girl, and it can, in the end, take up all your time. I have less time for it, not more time. But as you get older, you're going to be using a lot of time getting ready. Makeup turns into triage...I can get [dressed up], but I'm not very enthusiastic about it. I so want to work from the inside out for the last third [of life], if I get a last third.

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