Saturday, July 29, 2017

Fillin' 'em in!

I love getting fill-in-the-blank books. The only problem is that I suck at completing them. Not no more! I've pulled all (gulp) sixteen of them from my bookshelves and I'm determined to finish them. Although it partly feels like homework, I am definitely up to the challenge and having fun while wracking (racking?) my brain for the responses. Flipping through Austin Kleon's Steal Like an Artist Journal I'd forgotten about the cute lil' cartoon I wrote up and coloured in. Check it out:

"Didn't there usta be a tree right here?" .... "Yeah, where'd it go?"
" shade or trunk to lean against..." ... "How about we..."

"Good idea! This is comfy. But I'm hungry..." ... "Hey, I think I see a tin of cookies over there!"
"Don't tell me. I already know they aren't vegan..." ... "How dya know til ya tried 'em?!"

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