Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Car

What a fun Sunday morning flick! Plus it featured Kathleen Lloyd, from one of my fave eps of Hart to Hart as well as a gorgeously moustachio'ed (handlebar at that!) James Brolin. Plus Kyle Richards from Little House on the Prairie and Watcher in the Woods (!!) and Kim Richards from a wonderful episode of The Rockford Files. Oh and Ronnie Cox!! Just all kinds of fun. Afterwards I starting daydreaming of a sequel, starring the gals all growed up. They've come home to celebrate their father's retirement as sheriff and suddenly A Car comes to seek revenge after forty years...Oh if only I had the power to make it so!! Perhaps we could get Ms Streisand to put in a cameo as Brolin's lady love...the possibilities are endless. Especially with my wacko mind.

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