Monday, June 5, 2017

A Loofah for Your Toofahs

I absolutely love CocoFloss! I read about it online somewheres and one of the descriptions stated that the texture of the floss was similar to a loofah and that it leaves your teeth feeling über clean. I immediately signed up to receive two packets of floss every four months in random flavours. My first order arrived last night and it really is fab floss! I can't wait to talk to Dr. Davis about it at my cleaning in July. Next up I plan on trying oil pulling. Have youse heard about this practice? It's supposed to help remove bacteria from your mouth and whiten your teeth. Apparently one would swish some coconut oil through one's teeth for 5-20 minutes. I kinda think I have to give this a whirl. Anything that makes dental hygiene fun is something I'm willing to try!

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