Friday, March 24, 2017

Very British Problems

I so enjoyed this series on Netflix (what would I do without my subscription to the 'flix?) and if it weren't for my accent, heritage, and over-friendliness which is merely to compensate for my American shyness, I could so be a Brit. I don't like chatting on airlines, social occasions, meeting my friend's friends, odd situations that should be silent but where people force small talk (gyno, dentist, etc.), having to poopod at other people's homes, the annoyance of tipping and when to tip and how much, haggling the price of something, texting do's and don'ts, and especially the rudeness. When Stephen Mangan said that he would rather eat a plate of cold sick than complain to a waiter I raised my hand and said "Yup - ditto, man!" If I'm unhappy with the service or food at a restaurant, I will smile and say it's fabulous, over-tip and then get my revenge, silently, mind you, by never going back. As if that is gonna shut that business down instantly; that they would crumb into oblivion because their pizza is utter shit in the opinion of one random weirdo girl from the poor side of town.

(photo kidnapped from verybritishproblems)

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