Saturday, March 4, 2017

Brunch wit' M'Ladies!

I woke up early (on my day off!) and made it to Cwood by 11:30 for brunch with Lauryn, Kat, and Melanie. Sabrina's had an hour and a half wait (really?!) so we dashed over to The Pop Shop and were seated almost immediately. That place is always jam-packed and full of kids and not ideal for conversation, but we got the update on Lauryn's new fella, Melanie's pregnancy (!!!!) and Kat's adorable children. While it was seventy degrees last Saturday, today it was only a degree or two above freezing, but champs that we are, we still got in a few selfies. Next time we meet I hope it's someplace where everyone can eat and we have lots of time to chat. I can never get enough time with these three gals!

(Selfie Saturday! And of course, those two figures seen in the above reflection were the owners of the SUV's side mirror that I was using to take a self portrait. So embarrassing, but I think it was so cold that they had their heads down and eyes closed against the freezing wind and didn't see me at all. At least that's how I have it set in my mind.)

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