Sunday, January 22, 2017

Two Goofy Goons

Today Jackson and I grabbed a healthy lunch at MOM's Organic Market in Rosemont (I'm addicted to this place), followed by silliness at Old Navy, then finally to Nana Rose's for chit chat and playtime. Next week we get to do it all over again and I can't wait! Oh, and the entire time we spent in the car we played Bingo (counting yellow vehicles) and listened to The Dark Forest, which Jackson (and I!) absolutely adore. We started with It's Mad Cool in The Dark Forest, Daddio (he was grinning from ear to ear over Al "Jazzbo" Collins' take on The Three Little Pigs) and finished our day with The Dark Forest at Sunset. Two of my favourite broadcasts of all time.

ps - those platform phony Converse All Stars I'm wearing were a gift from Kathleen Maute for my 18th bday!


Cerpts said...

Why, it's certainly nice to hear The Dark Forest has a new fan!

Star said...

It all started Mischief Night 2016 when we went to Baldwin’s Book Barn and I put on the Halloween Dark Forest and then just a lil’ mix you cooked up for me. Clearly Zacherley was a huge hit, especially “Coolest Little Monster”!