Saturday, January 14, 2017

A Day with Kayla!

Kayla and I hung out all day, well, from 1:30ish til 7, and it was so good to catch up with her. A fab bonus was a hug from Jaeden and a mini gab session with the new bride, my cousin Barbaraanne.

We jumped into Roark just as the snowfall began and headed to a lil' Naked Lunch in Rosemont. They have a tiny menu that's packed with yummy meals. I've never been disappointed and the portions are insane!! Ya totally get a lot of bang for your buck. 

After grub and a brief shop around MOM's Organic Market we were off to B&N, getting proper lost along the way and seeing OODLES of gorgeous mansions. We were totes blue collar and blatantly slowed down to snap pix and drool over the sprawling homes. 

Finally we, with the help of Trevor (my Australian voiced Siri guide), reached the B&N at Valley Fair in Devon. We found the magazine I wanted but it didn't have the photo layout I was expecting (musta been an older issue...). Bummer. Anyways, we did see some adorable kids stories and even some poetry books that we plan to buy off Amazon. Sorry, B&N, but you are pricey as hell. 

Then it was a stop at Sweet Freedom Bakery and more chit chat. 

(BTW - the Tiramisu cupcake was a let-down but the chocolate was a home run, as usual.)

Before I dropped her off I gave Kay her copy of The Gift of Fear and recited some of the most profound sections. I have absolute faith that she will, as instructed, read the first six chapters. It's a remarkable book and I'm glad she seems excited to read it and learn how to handle certain situations. All in all, we had a full and fun-filled day together and are already planning Roark's first road trip - back to Baltimore in the Spring! Can't wait!!!

(ps - at SFB they had Bush's Glycerine playing and I went, "Ohmigod, do you remember...wait. No. No one in this room remembers when this song came out." Kay tried to comfort this old biddy by saying, "But I like this song." Nice try, but I was clearly the oldest broad in the joint.)

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