Monday, August 22, 2016

Frank Ocean

On our way back from Abington last Saturday afternoon, Bishop told me about Frank Ocean. I'd never heard of him, but quickly looked him up and cannot wait for Channel Orange to arrive. Bish told me of an article he read entitled Frank Ocean Doesn't Owe You Anything. I finally got around to checking out the article and it brought up so many brilliant points.

But here’s the thing: No matter how much he jerks his listeners around, Frank Ocean doesn’t owe us anything... No one deserves new music from Ocean, even if his old material occupies a significant space in their life.

We might form deep connections to art, but the people who make it aren’t our friends. As listeners, we’ve grown entitled to the point where broken promises sting, and missed deadlines can cause us to worry about an artist’s well-being.

It's so true that as fans, we can be kind of demanding and throw mini temper tantrums if our beloved artists don't produce exceptional music as soon as we wish them to do so. Remy Shand and Kate Bush were two that came to mind. However, as fans, we often forget that these musicians have lives to lead and our need for a new album every year takes a back seat to their need to create something real for them or to simply spend time with their families and live their lives. So while Frank Ocean absolutely positively does not owe us anything, there's nothing wrong with the world wanting more of him. Or of me wanting a new Grizzly Bear album tomorrow.

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