Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Drawing with Ed Emberley!

Saturday night I scored some quality time with two of my fave kids, Sydney and Jackson. The best part of the night was when my sister-in-law said she texted Syd (who was up in her room) to let her know that I was here and she came right down to hang out. Made me feel like I just drank a big mug of hot cocoa (vegan, of course).

While the grown ups napped (at 9pm) and played on their phone in the other room, we three young 'uns were in the kitchen busy creating mini masterpieces. It was loads of fun and I even got a great big monkey hug from Syd before she went to bed. She may be 16 but she feels lighter than Jackson and I totes carried her around the house as if she were five. I so love the kids in my life. They are all individually fantastic and loving and crazy fun to be with.


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