Sunday, July 31, 2016

Greens from My Work Wife

About a year ago, in the Delaware office, I worked pretty much alone until Kristin W. started. Instantly I disliked her. "Ughlck." I remember thinking, "A pretty girl. I bet she likes the Kardashians and is into going to Blow Out bars and getting mani-pedis in between fights with her lame boyfriend." Like most things that I instantly dislike, in a matter of moments I went from loathe to love. Kristin is just a wonderful human being and so fantastic to be around. It turns out she was childhood BFFs with my sister-in-law, which only reaffirms the fact that I am the center of the universe.

Once we transferred to the Center City office it was all downhill - she and I are on opposite rotations and only see eachother if one of us has internet issues at home. I wanted to stay connected with her so I began leaving her silly little notes and candy on her desk. Kristin saves them all and hangs them around her cube, like the proud parent of a weirdo 3-year old. Today, as payback for my notes and adoration, she brought me four bags of greens from her garden! Rosemary, sage, mint, and four glorious banana peppers. I have been showing them off to everyone all day and making them grab a whiff. They all smell incredible. (I so wish I had paid for the upgrade version of Blogger that included the Scratch-n-Sniff widget...) My cube-mate (who I adore) suggested juicing the mint with lemon and cucumbers. I may add some ginger in there too. Oh, this week started out dreadful but is ending on a fabulous note!

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