Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day

Sunday I got to meet my newest niece, Lucy Rose, who stole the hearts of all she encountered.

Lucy slept almost the whole time but when she did fuss a bit, she sounded just like a lil' kitten. Jackson, who was not excited about her arrival, went into ultra protective mode as soon as he met Lucy. When I alerted him that it was time to make our Mean Green juice he threw up his hands to stop me and said, "But we can't, it'll be too yowd for You-cy." (Jackson and Ls have not properly been introduced as of yet.) He kept telling everyone to touch her hair because, "it's the softest thing in the whole world." It was super stinkin' cute and everyone had a fabulous day.

Later I gave Jackson his first sticker book which sent him into fits of glee, then threw the baseball around out front with Zach. I love those boys. We even had an impromptu photo shoot just before everyone had to head on home.


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