Sunday, May 1, 2016

April Movies

700 Sundays - I had read Billy Crystal's book that the play was based upon years ago and absolutely loved it. When I was in Belgium and saw that it was on, I couldn't resist staying up late to see it. It was a beautiful love letter to Billy Crystal's parents and his childhood, and yes, no surprise, I got all teary-eyed when Billy told about the day his father died. Okay, I wasn't teary-eyed; I was a sobbing mess. But sometimes a huge cry makes you feel so much better.

Yes Man - I hadn't seen this film in years and it was still pretty decent. I was at Michel's and the only thing playing in English was that stupid Animal Planet show with the guys that build fish tanks. It's horrendous. Anyways, the premise of Yes Man was definitely an interesting idea on how to live one's life - say Yes to everything. Sadly, I tend to say No to just about everything.

Jurassic Park - Oh I hadn't watched this movie since, what, high school?? I read the book and loved it and when the movie came out it was such a fun summer flick. Still holds up well and man, Jeff Goldblum never looked better... (No wait, didn't he have facial hair in Grand Budapest Hotel?? He did....okay, I may need to change up that last sentence...)

The Adjustment Bureau - One of my favourite on-screen romances. That scene on the bus was so well written and so well executed. Matt Damon and Emily Blunt were so believable and had solid chemistry.

Esio Trot - I brought my DVD region 2 copy with me and re-watched it a few times at the St. Laurence Place house in Dublin. It's such an infectiously heart-warming film.

Stuart: A Life Backwards - A god damn depressing-ass movie, but with a duo like Tom Hardy and Benedict Cumberbatch sharing the screen, you are guaranteed for exceptional acting.

How to Fall in Love - I was in the mood for a sweet lil' love story and this movie was really cute. Eric Mabius played a shy fella in need of some help with the ladies and an old school crush of his winds up becoming his dating coach. I was sad to see them change his appearance with new clothes and a haircut and especially having him start wearing contacts, as in my opinion, he needed help with his self-esteem more than anything. The finish was a tad disappointing, as he could have had a real arc to his character but instead at the end he seemed just as insecure and unsure of himself as he was in high school. Still, it was worth a watch.

The Salt of the Earth

Bridge of Spies - I had so wanted to see this film in the theatre but never got around to it. It finally became available for me through the library and I couldn't wait to get home, jump in my pjs, and hit Play. It was as I expected - utterly engulfing and completely wonderful. I'm so into true stories and this one was just right. Tom Hanks always hits the mark and delivers a stand-out performance in every role he undertakes. It's become his trademark; you see "Hanks" on the bill and know it'll be a helluva picture.

Above Suspicion - From the opening credits I wondered if this movie was an actual theatre released film or a Lifetime movie. They were really atrocious. I got about halfway through the film and thought it was so-so but the plot thickened and I liked where the film eventually went. I still feel like the characters were very bland and not terribly well-developed, but it was a decent flick for a Saturday afternoon.

The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas - This was only worth a watch to see Dolly Parton. God, that woman is beautiful and talented and her autobiography Dolly is one of my all-time faves. Other than that, this movie was kinda dull.

Golf in the Kingdom - Fine acting from Mason Gamble (who is as handsome as he was adorable as a little boy) and David O'Hara, but the film was sort of "eh" for me. I liked the idea of seeing a sport like golf as something more than a game, as seeing it as a way of life and a tool to bring inner peace and calm, but I felt like it never really grabbed me and made me hunger for each continuing moment. Oh well...

Isabella Rossellini's Green Porno Live! 

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