Friday, December 31, 2010

The Goliath Bone

For months, I have been obsessed with Mickey Spillane's final Mike Hammer book, The Goliath Bone. It's rare that I read fiction, but I took a chance on this and absolutely adore it. The story, the characters, and Spillane's (with Max Allan Collins) writing is so rich that you picture every moment in your mind's eye.
My job is tedious and mundane, so I uploaded the audio book onto my iPod (aptly referred to as peePod) and as Stacy Keach reads to me, I daydream of the film version and who the cast should be. Here are the players as I envisioned them while tip toeing behind them through the snowy streets of New York almost a decade ago.

Stacy Keach as Detective Mike Hammer
(photo kidnapped from seattletimes)

Susan Sarandon as Velda Sterling
(photo kidnapped from gossiprocks)

Dann Florek as Pat Chambers
(photo kidnapped from

Rosey Grier as Bozo Jackson
(photo by Walter Iooss, Jr.)

John Goodman as George Hurley
(photo kidnapped from life)

Kim Cattrall as Charlene Hurley
(photo kidnapped from inquisitr)


Max Allan Collins said...

This is my second attempt to post here, to thank you for these lovely comments about THE GOLIATH BONE. Your cast for a movie version is ideal.

Are you aware that I have done two "audio" novels with full casts, headed up by Stacy Keach? The first, THE NEW ADVENTURES OF MIKE HAMMER VOL. 2: THE LITTLE DEATH is based on a short story by Mickey, and the forthcoming NEW AVENTURES OF MIKE HAMMER VOL. 3: ENCORE FOR MURDER is based on an outline for a never written book by Mickey. It's out in March. (Volume one of the NEW ADVENTURES series wasn't written by me and did not derive directly from Spillane material. It does feature Stacy, however).

Also, look for the second Spillane/Collins Hammer novel, THE BIG BANG, published in 2010 and coming out in trade paperback this year, and in August the third, KISS HER GOODBYE.

You are correct that GOLIATH BONE is Mickey's last Mike Hammer novel. These other collaborations are books he set aside throughout his career, and date as early as 1948 and as late as 1998. BIG BANG is a '60s novel, and KISS HER GOODBYE a '70s one.

Thank you again, and happy new year.

Star said...

holy cow, mr. collins! did you hear my scream of joy when i read this comment all the way from south jersey? you must have. i am wowed and thinking, "is this for real??" if it is indeed you, max allan collins, well, i am thrilled. i will SO keep my eyes peeled for all those little goodies you listed for me, especially audio novels with FULL casts - WITH stacy keach??!!!! how exciting!

sir, you are a brilliant and gifted author and i am gobsmacked that you found my wee little blog. i am truly humbled. thank YOU and you have yourself a beautiful 2011. xoxo

Cerpts said...

You are travelling in rather exalted circles, My Star. What a spectacular treat to find the man himself commenting on your post! I might mention that way back when I was an avid comic book reader, I also never missed an issue of MS. TREE!

Star said...

good lord, you have no idea how totally awestruck i was at reading his comment. the man himself, indeed! and i checked out Ms. Tree and how could i not know of that?? that max allan collins is one cool cat.